Sooraj Construction a Building contractor in Bangalore, has built its reputation on promises kept. We have remained at the forefront of the construction industry with a series of guarantees, checkpoints and inspection guidelines unique to our service. Resting on the solid foundation of quality workmanship and effective construction management, Sooraj Construction strives hard to exceed the expectations of its clients. We are fully licensed contractors and undertake the construction of new buildings, renovation and remodeling. We take sole responsibility for all our projects, and with our systematic and whole-hearted approach, efficiently accomplish our objectives.





At Sooraj construction, we co-ordinate various aspects of construction and effectively tackle all unprecedented obstacles that might crop up during Building construction process. Regardless of the scale or scope of the project, we execute the project with responsive analysis and proven project administration techniques. Our service personnel are equipped with the most current and comprehensive knowledge of the various facets of architectural design, construction methodologies, materials and labor. This knowledge empowers us to guide our clients through the entire procedure involved in construction such as site choosing and planning, building design, scheduling, budgeting and managing costs. We are also well aware of the laws and codes in different states and can help in acquiring government approvals.

Our expert team of staff members includes professional architects, project managers, estimators, engineers, designers, superintendents and sales representatives who are ready to take on any project. We are experienced in meeting all kinds of construction requirements.